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Betty Sloan LCSW, LMFT

My practice consists of working with adults and couples. The majority of my work currently is with couples who are attempting to resolve conflicts within their relationship and/or trying to come to a resolution regarding the future of their marriage.

When I started working with couples in 1981, I was convinced then and even more so now, that many troubled marriages are quite viable and salvageable. I try to help couples look at the strengths each one possess as well as the strengths of the relationship. I try to utilize those characteristics to format our work. I try to get the couple to envision what the relationship would look like and what each is willing to do to further that vision. Using solution-focused work, I attempt to reframe the hurts and wounds as challenges to be addressed and overcome. I try to elicit a commitment from the couple to work on the changes. I educate the couple that change is within the grasp of each one, just as the problems were formed by both. Because waiting for the other to change is never fruitful, I challenge each to do what he/she can to bring about the desired changes. When I challenge the couple to change their vision/viewpoint/behavior, I do so in a respectful, caring and honest manner. I NEVER blame, humiliate, punish or demean a client and attempt not to allow that in the sessions.

I received my Masters Degree in Education from Illinois State University and my Masters Degree in Social work from Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. I am a graduate of the Family Institute, Northwestern University School of Psychiatry, Chicago. I am a Diplomate in the National association of Social workers and both a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor as designated by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

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